Overview of calendar list
  • 19 Jan 2023
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Overview of calendar list

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As an application admin, you are able to add multiple components to the application. The calendar shows scheduled information, like meetings, events, tasks, activities. 

Here is an example calendar.

A calendar can show information by day, week and month. You can switch them on the upper right of the calendar. 

Click on a date directly to add a new item on that day.

You can also add a new item by clicking the "+Add" button on the upper right of the calendar.

Manage Calendar View

You may want to customize the calendar display contents, colors etc. Here you can go to the Calendar View settings: click the option menu on the upper right and then select "Calendar View".

In View settings, you can:

  1. Setting the default display scope of the calendar, by day, week or month.

  2. Editing display content on the calendar.  

    • Begin: Select an date type field as the begin time. 
    • End: Select an date type field as the end time. 
    • Title: Select a field of text box type as the title.
    • Description: You can select a field of text box or text area type as the description.

    If the calendar is shown by month or week, it will show the information of title and time as shown below. 

    For a day view, the calendar will show the information of title and description.

  3. Setting category colors. You can set colors according to a property so the items will display the corresponding colors on the calendar. 

    Set a default color first, then select color classification.  Click Add to set detailed color for each item. Items with no specific color will be displayed with the default color.

    If you click Hide list data, all items in this calendar will be hided and users will not be able to add new items into this calendar.

  4. Calendar data filter. To filter display items on the calendar, click "Settings" and setup the filters on the popup window. For example, only display items which are "Meeting".

  5. Display external data. If you want data of another list to be displayed on the current calendar, you can click "+Add List" to achieve this require.

On the popup window, you need to select the external list then setup the corresponding calendar view.

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